“A simple idea can create so much change.” - Libby Murdoch


If you’re like me, you’re passionate about learning, so when it comes to training, you’re looking for something that’s not only educational, you’re looking for something that’s applicable to your clinical practice, something that can help you achieve amazing results for your clients, and something that is easily integrated with other therapeutic approaches.

Look no further.

At Brain Based Counseling & Consulting we are proud to offer a variety of trainings incorporating the neuroscience of resilience, relationships, self-care, trauma and addiction.

We also focus on providing an understanding of how the interventions we teach work within the brain-body system to facilitate growth and healing for clients!

We pride ourselves on a training experience that is educational, entertaining, and leaves you feeling empowered to apply your learning and ultimately change lives!

“A simple idea can create so much change.”

Keynote, Full-Day & Half-Day Trainings:

A sample of trainings offered by Libby Murdoch:

  • Brain Based: Journey to Resilience
  • Brain Based: Discover the Neurobiology of Trauma & Trauma Treatment 2.0
  • Brain Based: Discover the Neuroscience of Self-Care
  • The Epidemic Beneath the Epidemic: Brain Science of Trauma and Addiction

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