Intensive EMDR Therapy in Cincinnati

You don't want to wait for real results. And the good news is you don't have to with Intensive EMDR Therapy in Cincinnati!

Maybe the traditional weekly model of therapy just isn't working for you and you're looking for more flexibility. An EMDR Intensive is a unique opportunity to experience real transformation and change without committing to weekly therapy visits.

EMDR Intensives can also be helpful for folks who have a regular therapist that they want to continue seeing but are also feeling like they need more to get to the next level of growth and healing. 

What's included in your EMDR Intensive?

How EMDR Therapy Can Help

Awakened Awareness

You have all the answers you need inside of you to unlock happiness and healing, we’ll help you gain access to that information.

Consistent Calm

If all you ever do is cope in response to feeling bad, you’re keeping yourself stuck in survival mode; we’ll help you develop a pro-active self-care routine.

Rapid Roadblock Release

Using the wisdom of your brain and body we will release roadblocks that are keeping you stuck, and jump-start the healing process.

Happiness Habits

Creating and maintaining happiness is a long-term process. We’ll teach you the key ingredients to feeling good in life and relationships so that you can maintain and build on your results even after EMDR therapy in Cincinnati has ended.

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