EMDR Therapy in Cincinnati

If you're tired of putting a band-aid on your issues and you want to find real relief, transformation and change, you need EMDR Therapy in Cincinnati!

You have probably heard about EMDR, you may have even seen it featured in the news or in the recent mental health documentary with Oprah and Prince Harry. And you're starting to wonder what all the fuss is about. So, let's answer some common questions I get about EMDR.

What is EMDR and can it work for me?

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a cutting-edge therapy that has been highly researched and shown to be an effective method to help people recover from trauma and other stressful life experiences, including PTSD, anxiety, depression and panic disorders. 

What's more, it's known for creating significant changes in how you think, feel and behave.

But the truth is you don't have to have a diagnosable mental health issue to benefit from EMDR, because it is helpful in addressing a wide variety of issues that create personal and professional problems; perfectionism, imposter syndrome, performance anxiety, troubling patterns in your relationships and self-sabotaging behaviors.

What are the benefits of EMDR?

Not to sound cliché, but you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, so you're looking for the best way to get results.

Although outcomes in therapy depend on a number of factors there are MANY proven benefits of EMDR therapy, including:

- More restful sleep      - Increased self-confidence      - Freedom from past experiences that keep you stuck

- Feeling more connected to & in control of the present      - Reduction or elimination of triggers

- Positive changes in how you think, feel and behave.   - Alleviates troubling symptoms, such as panic attacks

- Reduction or elimination of triggers     - Silences your inner critic by transforming negative beliefs into positive ones

And that's not all!

What are people saying about EMDR?

One of the most common phrases my clients use to describe their experience with EMDR is "magic".

And I would have to agree, as a Certified EMDR clinician and trainer, as well as a client of EMDR, I can say it is truly magical the transformation that EMDR therapy creates.

My clients commonly express how much better they feel after an EMDR session, they say they feel lighter and they're able to think more clearly. 

Clients share with me that the results they've gotten with EMDR are more significant than years of therapy in the past. 

And for some of my clients, EMDR has literally given them their life back. Free from sleepless nights, nightmares and flashbacks that used to be a daily occurrence; they're no longer watching life from the sidelines, they feel more like themselves, and they're actually able to enjoy time with family and friends.

Who can benefit from EMDR?

The good news is that just about anyone can benefit from EMDR, whether you're actively in crisis, struggling and unable to keep up, stuck in survival mode, or thriving and focused on personal growth.

EMDR has also shown to be successful in treating a number of mental health issues:

- Anxiety      - Panic Attacks      - PTSD      - Attachment Issues      - Stress      - Depression      - Grief & Loss

      - Performance Anxiety      - Imposter Syndrome       - Perfectionism      - People Pleasing      - Phobias

- Sleep Disturbances      - Eating Disorders      - Bipolar Disorders      - Some Dissociative Disorders

- Emotional distress related to chronic illness & medical issues

How is EMDR different than other therapies?

EMDR does not require you to talk in detail about your stressful or otherwise traumatic experiences and does not require you to complete homework in order to be effective.

EMDR jumpstarts the brain's natural healing process, and rather than challenging your thoughts or feelings, EMDR makes room for you to safely experience and release them so that you can find long-term relief from the distress they create.

And for many clients, EMDR therapy can be completed in fewer sessions than other types of therapy.

And when compared with medications, EMDR has fewer side effects.

How does EMDR therapy impact the brain?

EMDR therapy promotes mental health by helping our brain to integrate unresolved experiences from our past that impact our thoughts, feelings and behaviors in the present. 

The good news is that our brains and bodies have a natural drive towards health and well-being. It makes sense, if you get a paper-cut, the blood clots, you form a scab and it heals. 

However, more serious injuries require medical attention as they my become infected or may not heal properly without intervention.

The same thing can be said of our brains. Your brain is resilient, and can typically bounce back from bad days and challenging situations, but sometimes, we're unable to resolve the distress from disturbing events and that's where the problem begins.

In fact, the idea is that the symptoms or issues you're experiencing are the result of those challenging experiences overwhelming your brain's natural ability to heal.

In EMDR therapy, the therapist facilitates the healing process using bilateral stimulation (eye movements, tapping, or tones) while you, the client, re-experience memories from your past until the distress is resolved. Addressing our past creates psychological freedom in the present and future situations so that you're able to be intentional about how you show up and respond.

Treatment Options for EMDR

Individual EMDR Therapy:  follows a traditional model of therapy and involves meeting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

Intensive EMDR Therapy: an accelerated form of therapy, the length of an EMDR intensive is based on your needs and can range from 90 minutes to two to three days.

Brain Based Counseling & Consulting, LLC is a trusted provider for EMDR therapy in Cincinnati.


How EMDR Therapy Can Help

Awakened Awareness

You have all the answers you need inside of you to unlock happiness and healing, we’ll help you gain access to that information.

Consistent Calm

If all you ever do is cope in response to feeling bad, you’re keeping yourself stuck in survival mode; we’ll help you develop a pro-active self-care routine.

Rapid Roadblock Release

Using the wisdom of your brain and body we will release roadblocks that are keeping you stuck, and jump-start the healing process.

Happiness Habits

Creating and maintaining happiness is a long-term process. We’ll teach you the key ingredients to feeling good in life and relationships so that you can maintain and build on your results even after EMDR therapy in Cincinnati has ended.

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