“If knowledge is power, use your power to empower.” - Libby Murdoch


You’re not a typical therapist. This is more than a job for you, it’s your passion, it’s your life’s work.

And that’s why you take great care in providing the best treatment for those you have the opportunity to support.

We all know it’s a great honor to walk this journey with our clients, but it’s not always an easy one.

Sometimes this work is challenging, overwhelming, and leaves us feeling uncertain about how to help our clients achieve the health and healing they deserve.

And that’s why you need a consultant you can count on, so that when you run into those challenging cases and aren’t sure how to overcome the roadblocks, you know you have someone you can call on.

The truth is, even the most experienced and intuitive therapists need a sounding board at times.

That’s why I like to offer my consultees an experience that allows them to walk away feeling calmer, more confident, empowered and even excited to dive into this amazing work!

I offer a unique lens that incorporates cutting edge brain science and approaches that are not just trauma informed, but trauma responsive!

I offer individual and small group consultation at the following rates:
EMDR Consultation $225
General Consultation $225

What therapists say about doing consultation with me:

"Libby was the first person I thought of when I felt stuck in applying EMDR in one of my cases. I knew I could count on her insight to support my work. Libby's mental clarity, warmth, and capacity to synthesize the maps of attachment, trauma-informed treatment, and neuroscience into practical guidance were and are just what I need as a new partitioner." - Lyn Stubbs, MSW

Specialized Trainings and Certifications:
  • Certified in EMDR
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level II Complex Trauma
  • Certificate in Traumatic Stress Studies from the Trauma Center at JRI
  • Certified in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy
  • Treating Trauma Master Series offered through NICABM
  • Forensic Experiential Trauma Interview (FETI)
  • Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors with Janina Fisher
  • New Frontiers in Trauma Treatment with Bessel van der Kolk
  • Resilience and Beyond: How to Draw upon the Body to Cope, Adapt and Thrive with Pat Ogden
Specialized EMDR Training:
  • Attachment Focused EMDR with Laurel Parnell
  • Rewiring the Addicted Brain with Laurel Parnell
  • Flash Technique with Philip Manfield

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