About Me

“We all need someone to inspire us to do better than we know how.”

About Me

Finding a therapist is strenuous task. It was hard enough to admit you need help.

But what’s more frustrating is searching through endless profiles on Psychology Today, scanning therapists’ websites trying to find the answer to one simple question, and leaving multiple voicemails for therapist who simply don’t return your call.

You really don’t have the time or the energy to read through another therapist’s entire educational background, you might just pull your hair out.

It shouldn’t be that difficult.

What you’re looking for someone who can communicate that they understand your struggles, someone who can explain how they can help in terms that are easy to understand.

You’ve never been more sure that you’re ready to show up and put in the work.

You know it won’t be easy, so you need someone you can trust, someone with experience!

Someone, just like me!

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“We all need someone to inspire us to do better than we know how.”

Most therapists would use this section to go on at length about their training and experience. But I’m not your typical therapist.

I think it’s more important for you to know what my clients say about what it’s like working with me.

My clients have said they appreciate that they’re able to be themselves in therapy with me. They don’t have to be afraid to say cuss words and they feel comfortable to open up about things they haven’t felt safe to share with anyone else, even other therapists.

My clients tell me they appreciate that I like to keep it real, I’m transparent with my clients about what to expect in all parts of the process, and I’m not afraid to challenge them in a good way.

What’s more, they tell me about their results; clients have told me that they have experienced the most impactful counseling sessions they have ever had and other clients have shared the progress they experienced working with me was more meaningful than many years of counseling in the past.   

You’re a unique individual, and you deserve therapy that is tailored to address your specific concerns and challenges.

I pride myself on creating unique therapeutic experiences for each of my clients.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll gain from working with me:
  • Simple strategies for managing and reducing stress and anxiety
  • Greater sense of self-awareness
  • Releasing negative feelings and beliefs about that are keeping you stuck
  • Reducing or even eliminating troubling symptoms
  • Practices for building better relationships
  • Increased confidence

So let’s start this journey of growth and healing together today.


The Boring Stuff:

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor: # E.1700390
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level 2: #255752
HeartMath Certified Practitioner #Ry1Q0WmoJC
EMDRIA Certified EMDR Counselor and Trainer
Certified in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy

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